Personal Cloaking Device

Nowadays you can’t trust any website or your internet provider to have your best interest in mind. Today, the new trend is to collect data on you to sell for big profit. Facebook has a track record for being invasive about this, and Twitter is another to blame. Twitter claims they just sell your tweets, but I have a feeling they collect more then they say. All the sites you visit want something from you and if you are not paying for it, you are the product – not the customer!

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This message will self-destruct in…

Burn Note offers encrypted online communication between two people as “privately as a spoken conversation”. Feel like a spy sending email to others that delete after they are read. There’s also TMWSD, which allows you to send encrypted messages with a secret password.

If you need free encrypted email, try Sendinc or Lockbin. Both are easy to use and better then Hushmail! If you need to send encrypted files, use Secure Zip with Sendinc (Lockbin doesn’t allow secure attachments).