What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole Internet?

You probably haven’t heard of HD Moore, but up to a few weeks ago every Internet device in the world, perhaps including some in your own home, was contacted roughly three times a day by a stack of computers that sit overheating his spare room. “I have a lot of cooling equipment to make sure my house doesn’t catch on fire,” says Moore, who leads research at computer security company Rapid7. In February last year he decided to carry out a personal census of every device on the Internet as a hobby. “This is not my day job; it’s what I do for fun,” he says. Continue reading →

What Your Digital Shadow Says

You are not paranoid – they really are watching you. Criminals, web companies and governments all have reason to spy on your online life, and the methods they use are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

This article is about what kind of information you share and who can find out what about you, and how to stop them. What you do with this information is, of course up to you. Whether you are concerned about the scale of information gathered by web companies or you are hiding from a corrupt government, read on to learn how to keep your data yours.

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